buzzer no display Parking Sensor with 4 sensors

Model No.: LST-610R4
Classification: Universal Parking Sensor

Product Description

1.Measuring the distance by radar
2.Alarm by three step Bi-Bi sound
3.Buzzer with high/low/off switch 
4.2/4/6/8 sensors are available
5.Full-weather design, un-affected by wind, ice, snow & rain
6.All kinds of sensor colors and styles are available
7.High quality and easy to install.
8.can be with detachable sensors,easy to replace when detective

Technicial Parameters:
1.Rated Voltage: 12V DC (24V available)
2.Operating Range: 10.5V~ 16V DC
3.Rated Current: 50mA~ 180mA
4.Detecting Distance: 0.3~ 1.5m
5.Ultrasonic Frequency: 40KHz
6.Display Working Temperature: -30 ~ +70℃