LED Display Parking Sensor with 4 detachable Sensors

Model No.: LST-616R4C
Classification: Universal Parking Sensor

Product Description

1.With Waterproof Connectors Sensors,it is easy to replace when sensor is defective,while you do not need to pull out the whole wire,which can save your time for replacing
2.Digital LED showing obstacle distance
3.Alarm by Bi-Bi sound
4.LED display with three colors (Red & Yellow & Green)
5.Crescent shape digital display screen,Display size:9.8X2.6X2.0cm
6.Turn on/off BIBI sound according to your desire
7.2/4/6/8 sensors are available.
8.All kinds of sensor colors and styles are available.
9.High quality and easy to install.
10.can be with more led display for choosing.